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Tonka Toys Look Book from 1953 - some look books are hard to find but The 1953 Tonka look book is certainly the hardest.

Tonka Toys 1953 Look Book Cover

No. 500 Livestock Van
a first-in miniature scale model of America's most popular farm truck. Unusual appeal for both adult and child-top rated play value. Truck tires on plated steel wheels. Full-loading tandem axle on trailer. Locking stand wheels.22 1/2 inches long, 9 1/4 inches high, 6 1/4 inches wide.

 No 180 Dump Truck
factual scale model. Heavy steel dual rear wheels. Rubber tires. 12 inches high, 6 1/2 inches wide, 5 1/2 inches tall.

No. 145 Steel Carrier

accurate scale model. 10 rubber tires. Both tractor and trailer have dual wheels. Retractable stand wheels. 22 inches long, five and three-quarter inches high, 5 3/4 inches wide.

No. 120 Carry-All Trailer with No. 50 Steam Shovel
accurate, interesting scale model of modern industrial equipment. Slated loading winch and chain. 30 1/2 inches long, 12 1/4 inches high, 6 1/2 inches wide.
No. 575 Logger
factual miniature heavy-duty logging truck. Large load of logs in plated log chains. Full floating tandem or axle on trailer.22 1/4 inches long,5 3/4 inches high, 5 3/4 inches wide.

No. 140 Tonka Toy Transport
scale model of the commercial freighter. Very sturdy heavy steel construction. 14 steel plated wheels with large truck tires. Retractable stand wheels. Locking rear doors. Full floating tandem or axle. 22 1/4 inches long, eight in three-quarter inches high, 6 1/4 inches wide.

No. 550 Grain Hauler
beautifully plated grain box. Rolled edges with rugged embossed teal sides. 14 large truck tires on steel plated wheels. Full floating tandem rear axle. Retractable stand wheels.22 1/4 inches long, five and three-quarter inches high, five and three-quarter inches wide.

No. 250 Wrecker Truck
factual scale model of AAA recommended equipment. Plated hoisting crank with sturdy chain and hook. Steel plated dual wheels. 12 and half inches long, five and three-quarter inches high, 5 1/2 inches wide.

No. 175 Utility Hauler
factual miniature of a popular modern truck. Plated dual wheels. Plated tailgate chain. 12 inches long, five and three-quarter inches high, 5 1/2 inches wide.

No 400 "Allied" Furniture Van
exclusive, authorized reproduction of Allied's standard equipment. Locking rear doors. Dual wheels on both tractor and trailer. Has 10 truck tires. 23 1/2 inches long, 8 1/2 inches high 5 3/4 inches wide.

No. 50 Steam Shovel

sturdy steel. Full floating. Patented shovel control. raw nylon control lines. Rubber wheels.20 and three-quarter inches long, and a half inches high, 6 inches wide.

Back Cover of the 1953 Tonka Toys Look Book which was used as a mail in request for more information about specific models.

Wanted Tonka Trucks : I am currently looking for the following Tonka's in the configurations noted these private label Tonka's are harder to come by as they were not included in catalog sets, if you have toys like this please let me know I would love to have the opportunity to buy them from you and add them to my website.

Marshall Field Metro Van

G. Fox and Company Private Label Semi

Red Owl Private Label Semi

1953 Green Giant Utility

Gambles Dept. Store Pickup

Republic Van Lines Private Label Semi

1955 Minute Maid Box Van

Gambles Dept. Store Private Label Semi

Robin Hood Flour Box Van

1956 Minute Maid Box Van

Green Giant Private Label Semi

Schenley Whiskey Box Van

1961 Green Giant Utility

Hardware Hank Stores Box Van

Standard Oil Tanker

Ace Hardware Private Label Semi

Holsum Bakery Metro Van

Standard Wrecker

Allied Van Lines Private Label Semi

Hormel Private Label Semi

Star Kist Box Van Cyanamid Pickup

American Breeders Supply Private Label Semi

Janney Semple Hill Private Label Semi

Star Kist Utility 

B.F. Goodrich Private Label Semi

Jewel Tea Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Metro Van

Bond Bread Metro Van

Kroehler Furniture Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Private Label Semi

Bruce Floor Wax Box Van

Kroger Food Stores Private Label Semi

Swanson Brothers Rikes Private Label Semi

Carnation Metro Van

Marshall Field Private Label Semi

Terminix Box Van

Coast to Coast Utility

Meier and Frank Private Label Semi

Terminix Pickup with Topper

Cross Country Freight Private Label Semi

Midwest Milk Metro Van

True Value Hardware Box Van

Doughboy Farm Stake

Minute Maid Private Label Semi

U.S. Air Force Private Label Semi

Eibert Coffee Metro Van

Morrell Meats Private Label Semi

United Van Lines Private Label Semi

Flavor Kist Private Label Semi

Our Own Hardware Private Label Semi

V-2000 Stores Private Label Semi

Frederick and Nelson Metro Van

Penneys Jeep Wrecker

Western Auto Pickup

Frederick and Nelson Private Label Semi

Railton Private Label Semi

Wheaton Van Lines Private Label Semi

G Fox and Company Metro Van

RCD Fast Freight Private Label Semi

Wilson Private Label Semi

Tonka Younkers Private Label Semi - Let me know if you come across this one! I would like to buy a good example of any of these Tonka Private Label Trucks but the Younkers is high on my list!

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