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Tonka Toys Look Book from 1957. In 1957 Tonka came out with a huge product line with several new items like the Thunderbird express truck. All trucks had the terrific looking hood scoop, which was only used for one year.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 1

Tonka Toys 1957 Look Book

One of the largest model year made. The 1957 series of truck are uniquely designed with a hood scoop. This is the only year that a hood scoop was used. Making identification very easy, the 1956 and 1957 truck are basically the same with the scoop being the difference.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 2
No 20 – hydraulic dump truck
 Just trip the release lever in the real hydraulic mechanism to dump the load. Tail-gate has to position regulator for straight dumping or spreading 13 inches long, 6 inches high, 6 inches wide.

Number 42 big Mike dual hydraulic dump truck
The biggest and heaviest dump truck by the Tonka toy line. Twin hydraulic mechanisms easily dump the huge loader can carry two position tailgate in tandem dual wheels are added realistic details. 14 inches long, 7 inches high, 8 1/4 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 3
No. 02 pickup truck
Has a trailer hitch so that accessory trailers can be added later. Tailgate is movable, held open or closed by plated chain. Ruggedly constructed and good-looking. 12 a half inches long, 5 1/2 inches high, 5 1/2 inches wide. Note: this truck is considered to be iconic representing one of Tonka toys Best and most attractive pickup trucks. This truck was later reproduced as an anniversary edition.

N0. 44 3-in-1 (three in one) Highway service truck
Hydraulic action. A big hydraulic dump truck with two position tailgate and drop downsides plus a scraper blade for grading and a big "V" type snowplow. Adjustable blade and plow are easily attached or removed from simple mounting bracket. Realistic, versatile. 13 inches long, 5 1/2 inches high, 6 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 4
NNo 32 Tonka stock rack with animals
The three high impact polystyrene animals are perfectly scaled to this handsome, heavy-duty truck. It has realistically operated sliding gate for loading and unloading. Additional animals, accessories are available. 16 1/4 inches long, 7 1/2 inches high, 6 inches wide.

1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 5

No. 04 Farm Stake Truck
eady to perform countless farm tasks. State panels can be removed for big hauling jobs and have safe, rounded edges. Right good looks and scale model realism. 13 1/2 inches long, 5 3/4 inches high, 6 inches wide.

N0. 10 Parcel Delivery Truck
A sliding front door into big rear doors providing easy access to this models roomy interior. Tough construction throughout the years of service on indoor and outdoor delivery routes. 12 inches long, 7 inches high, 5 1/2 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 6

No. 48 hydraulic aerial ladder truck
When the Tillerman's seat is swung out of the way real hydraulic action lifts a ladder while you extended to a full 36 inch height. This true to life action is matched by realistic detailing an overall rugged good looks. Ladder base revolves a full 360 and the truck carries an extra 19 inch auxiliary ladder 32 inches long. Seven a half inches high 6 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 7

No. 24 Rescue Squad Truck
brilliant markers in a simulated" flasher" light and siren. Sliding side door and full-size rear doors for loading and unloading. 12 inches long, 7 1/2 inches high, 5 1/2 inches wide.

No. 46 Suburban Pumper
it actually" hooks up" to its own miniature hydrant ( included) that can be connected to any standard garden hose. Realistic hydrant wrench controls water to the pumper and flow from the big forty inch fire hose. Two six-inch hydrant hoses are carried on one side of the truck. removable 10 a half-inch ladder on the other fire hose winds on reel, has hook for attaching to other equipment. 17 inches long, 6 1/2 inches high, 6 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 8

No. 16 Tonka gasoline truck
the perfect condition to round out any collection of Tonka toys were a great unit to start one with. Big, heavy and brightly appealing in its realistic detail. 15 inches long, five three-quarter inches high, 6 inches wide.

N0. 22 lumber truck
Here's a handsome scale model truck that has a big load of real boards. Added realism is produced by a roller that unloads the lumber in perfect order. Operator turns roller and load load slides off. 18 inches long, 5 3/4 inches high, 6 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 9

No. 28 pickup with stake trailer and animal
to wheel trailer is easily coupled or uncoupled to a hedge on the pickup truck. Back stake panel lists out for loading animal. Animal is top polystyrene. Trailer is all steel. 20 1/2 inches overall length 5 1/2 inches high 5 3/4 inches wide.

No. 26 pickup with box trailer
loads of play value in the truck alone in its more than doubled by the handy trailer. The trailer's heavy metal and can be coupled in a jiffy in detached just as quick. 20 1/2 inches long, 5 1/2 inches high, 5 3/4 inches wide.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 10
No B-212 Tonka fire Department set
here's the most complete, workable and thoroughly appealing fire Department set ever assembled. Everything a young firefighter could ask for including an authentic metal fire chiefs badge. Set includes the exciting suburban pumper, the new hydraulic aerial ladder and versatile rescue squad truck. Additional auxiliary ladder is added to the aerial ladder for total of two.

1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 11
No. 18 Tonka wrecker
a tough, sturdy model that has lots of workable play appeal. Heavy plated leg chain and hook is easy to crank on the heavy-duty winch. Thick reinforcing bars give strength and realism. Simulated working and "flasher" lights add an authentic touch.12 1/2 inches long, 6 1/2 inches high, 6 1/4 inches wide.

1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 12
NB-200 Tonka trailer rental set
a complete rental business for added interest in busy hours of play. Set includes pickup truck with trailer hitch to box trailers in one state trailer. Truck can be operated with one two or all three trailers hooked in tandem. Back panel of state trailer can be removed for easy loading. Tailgate of pickup is held in position or shut by change.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 13

No. B-210 road builder set
Six big, handsome construction toys and a versatile accessory all dramatically presented in this huge, exciting set. Set contains manually operated dump truck, road grader with adjustable blade, steam shovel, carryall trailer, both realistic and action in detail. Scraper blade with mounting bracket can be attached or alternated between any of the trucks. Details on all units on other pages.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 14

No. B-202 Tonka stock farm set
six durable polystyrene farm animals frolicking realistic would corral that even has a "shoot" for loading into the big stock rack truck.
these are the units that make up this beautifully detailed and flexible toys set it will stimulate hours of creative places it can be made a part of so many games and activities. Chorale can be quickly dismantled for after play storage. Truck specifications and animal sizes are the same as those detailed for vehicle number 32.

1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 15

No. B-208 state hi-way Department set
forbade, early construction vehicles, realistically scaled in detailed, plus a full set of road signs. Set contains a manually operated dump truck with two position tailgate; road grader, Highway hydraulic dump truck that dumps his load automatically; pickup truck was simulated " flasher" light, six road signs, two road barriers.
basic vehicle specifications are the same as those listed on individual item pages.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 16

No. B-206 Tonka trailer fleet set
a huge, handsome, complete trucking business that's ready for years of rough" over-the-road" playset includes three rugged trailers and two tractors as follows: Tonka longer with removable load of individual logs: Tonka "Cargo King" designed for loose cargo such as standing gravel; livestock Van that comes complete with four assorted farm animals. All trailers uncouple easily so that tractors can be interchanged with all trailers. Truck specs are the same as those detailed on additional pages.

1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 17

No. B-204 Tonka truck trailer rental set

a really versatile collection of trucks and accessory units. They're completely flexible so that they can be" rented" to perform a variety of hauling tasks for hours of happy play. Set includes: farm state truck with removable panels for carrying oversize loads; pickup truck with movable tailgate in trailer hitch; stake trailer and box trailer.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 18
No AC-300 Hi-Way Sign Set
6 realistic road signs, each 4 inches high and two road barriers that measure 4.5 x 6". All are made of heavy gauge metal so that they'll take the roughest handling. they'll be an important and appreciated addition to any playroom Highway. They offer educational as well as play value
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 19
No. AC-304 Tonka farm animals
here's a fine collection of stock made of high impact polystyrene. The six assorted animals fit the scale of the livestock Van, stake trailer and corral. Perfectly. They'll add realism and interest wherever they're used.

No. AC-302 Tonka stock corral
made of real wood that smooth sanded for safety. Sixpence sections take a big corral 19 inches across when assembled. Loading run is added realistic detail and unit can be quickly disassembled for storage.
1957 vintage Tonka Look Book lookbook catalog page 20
No. AC-306 Scraper blade with mounting bracket
fits all dump trucks in the Tonka toy line. Bracket is easily and quickly attached, no tools required. Converts vehicles that they can perform grading and snow clearance duties. Blade is 7 inches wide, projects three a half inches in front of vehicle.

No. AC-312 stake trailer
perfect for hauling livestock and other toy cargo. Attaches to all pickup trucks that are now equipped with hitch for this purpose. Allstate panels are rounded for safety and back panel is removable for loading. Eight-man half inches long, for a half inches high, 5 inches wide.

No. AC-308 "V" blade snowplow with mounting bracket

easily attach to all Tonka toy dump trucks. Makes a formidable snowplow that can take on the toughest tasks. Blade is 9 inches wide, projects 4 3/4 inch in front of vehicle.

No. AC-310 Tonka box trailer
a handy to will job that can perform all sorts of t tasks. Attaches to pickup truck that has hitch for this purpose. 8 1/2 half inches long, three and three-quarter inches high, 5 1/4 inches wide.

No. 14 Tonka logger
has real load of smooth sanded logs that can be removed. It's a tough replica of the single boom logging truck and every detailed inch as is rugged as it looks. Chain is plated for good looks and safety. 23 and three-quarter inches long, 6 inches high, 6 inches wide.

Number 34 Thunderbird express
bright big and handsome, it holds a huge load of freight. Authentic, full-size rear doors open wide to make loading and unloading easy." Landing gear" supports trailer when Is uncoupled. 24 inches long, eight in three-quarter inches high, 6 inches wide.

No. 36 livestock Van
Bright, heavy, rugged and realistic in every detail. Holds a huge cargo animals another toys. Big tailgate forms ramp for loading and unloading. Can be coupled and "landing gear" supports trailer. 24 inches long, 9 1/4 inches high, 6 inches wide.

No. 30 Tonka cargo King
eautiful ribbed aluminum box has roll top edge for safety and strength. Small sliding door and the back panel for unloading sand, gravel, etc. Sturdy " landing gear" supports trailer when uncoupled from. 23 1/2 inches long, 6 inches high, 6 inches wide.

for greater, lasting play value

Tonka toys have become the most popular line of model, metal toys. Various Tonka units have received the "commended seal"from parents magazine in have been selected as "prestige" toys by the toy guidance Council. Here are a few of the reasons for their recognition and tremendous appeal.

realistic styling-all plated surfaces are protected by a brilliant chromate finish.
Durability-thick 20gauge steel or heavy aluminum is used for all vehicles and metal accessories.
Scale design-all trucks are faithfully reproduced from current truck styles.
Real truck paint-tough, non-toxic DuPont Dulux vehicle enamel is used exclusively and baked on.
Protecting package-all models are safely and individually boxed in tough corrugated cartons. Exciting details-authentic heavily treaded tires, faithful reproduction of details add to realism.

1957 Tonka toys

The finest quality at the lowest price and metal toys


Wanted Tonka Trucks : I am currently looking for the following tonkas in the configurations noted these private label Tonka's are harder to come by as they were not included in catalog sets, if you have toys like this please let me know I would love to have the opportunity to buy them from you and add them to my website.

Marshall Field Metro Van

G. Fox and Company Private Label Semi

Red Owl Private Label Semi

1953 Green Giant Utility

Gambles Dept. Store Pickup

Republic Van Lines Private Label Semi

1955 Minute Maid Box Van

Gambles Dept. Store Private Label Semi

Robin Hood Flour Box Van

1956 Minute Maid Box Van

Green Giant Private Label Semi

Schenley Whiskey Box Van

1961 Green Giant Utility

Hardware Hank Stores Box Van

Standard Oil Tanker

Ace Hardware Private Label Semi

Holsum Bakery Metro Van

Standard Wrecker

Allied Van Lines Private Label Semi

Hormel Private Label Semi

Star Kist Box Van Cyanamid Pickup

American Breeders Supply Private Label Semi

Janney Semple Hill Private Label Semi

Star Kist Utility 

B.F. Goodrich Private Label Semi

Jewel Tea Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Metro Van

Bond Bread Metro Van

Kroehler Furniture Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Private Label Semi

Bruce Floor Wax Box Van

Kroger Food Stores Private Label Semi

Swanson Brothers Rikes Private Label Semi

Carnation Metro Van

Marshall Field Private Label Semi

Terminix Box Van

Coast to Coast Utility

Meier and Frank Private Label Semi

Terminix Pickup with Topper

Cross Country Freight Private Label Semi

Midwest Milk Metro Van

True Value Hardware Box Van

Doughboy Farm Stake

Minute Maid Private Label Semi

U.S. Air Force Private Label Semi

Eibert Coffee Metro Van

Morrell Meats Private Label Semi

United Van Lines Private Label Semi

Flavor Kist Private Label Semi

Our Own Hardware Private Label Semi

V-2000 Stores Private Label Semi

Frederick and Nelson Metro Van

Penneys Jeep Wrecker

Western Auto Pickup

Frederick and Nelson Private Label Semi

Railton Private Label Semi

Wheaton Van Lines Private Label Semi

G Fox and Company Metro Van

RCD Fast Freight Private Label Semi

Wilson Private Label Semi

Tonka Younkers Private Label Semi - Let me know if you come across this one! I would like to buy a good example of any of these Tonka Private Label Trucks but the Younkers is high on my list!

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