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Tonka Toys Look Book from 1959 - 1959 was a terrific year for Tonka Toys and the second year for the new design in trucks which have a "square front" a huge change from the round fender design which ran through 1957. Tonka included 43 catalogs items which included individual trucks, sets and accessories.

Tonka Toys for 1959
Part of a Child's World

1959 was a terrific year for Tonka toys. This year's models were as colorful and diverse is any year produced. A few of the models produced in 1959 that are hard to find and I am especially looking for are the yellow number three platform state truck. the no. 16 Air Express truck, no. 30 tandem platform stake truck, No. Tandem air express, no. 203 sanitary service set and the Tonka B-202 stock farm set.

Tonka Toy Accessories produced in 1959 are also on my list this includes Tonka AC 316, Tonka AC 314, Tonka AC 320, Tonka AC 311, Tonka AC 310,Tonka AC 312, Tonka AC 308 Scale Model Cars and Tonka AC 318 scraper blade and snowplow with mounting bracket. Because these items were separate sale accessories they were made and sold and fewer quantities making them harder to find today.

No. 03-Platform State Truck
Ideal for the imaginative child who likes to haul large loads. White sidewall tires.

No. 04-Farm State Truck
The youngster who drives this realistic big job can creative form anywhere. Removable state panels. White sidewall tires.

No. 02 Pickup Truck
A Wonderful Starter for Child Just Discovering Tonka Toys. Movable tailgate snaps open or closed. Has trailer coupling for accessory trailer. White sidewall tires.

No. 01 Service Truck
With this truck youngsters can become servicemen in any industry. Sturdy aluminum ladder removes from top of box. White sidewall tires.

No. 05 Sportsman
A sturdy go anywhere vehicle for Junior campers. Unbreakable polyethylene plastic boat held to top by snap on straps. Has coupling for accessory trailers. White sidewall tires

No. 07 Logger
Real load of smooth sanded logs and beams that can be removed make this an appealing toy. An authentic replica of the single boom logging truck.

No. 06 Dump Truck
Astounding low price for this fully workable, tough dumper. To position tailgate for stray dumping or spreading.

No. 14 Dragline
Actually scoops dirt like it's real life big brother. Moves four ways. Backwards and forwards swivels on base scoops raises.

No. 12 Road Grader
Blade that tilts and rotates, all weather, real steering wheel the terms of front wheels, floating dual back wheels.

No 16 Air Express Truck
Exact replica of standard express truck used it air terminals. Rear door swing open so packages can be easily removed. White sidewall tires.

no. 18 Wrecker Truck
will probably be hauling away less dirty toys for years to come with heavy duty which. Simulated Top flasher light.

No. 22 Deluxe Sportsman
youngsters thrilled with boats and trucks can get both in one ingenious combination, plus attachable motor. With deck and windshield. White sidewall tires.

No. 28 Pickup and Trailer
boys get all the lifelike polystyrene animal to market in the all steel, rounded stake two wheel trailer. White sidewall tires.

no. 35 Farm Stake and Horse Trailer
heavy-duty horse trailer carries two spirited polystyrene steeds. The farm state truck, has removable round edge state panels for taking on odd shaped loads. White sidewall tires on truck and trailer.

No. 32 Stock Rack
a big and impressive model of the real thing. Has real sliding tailgate. Animals and other accessories are available.

No. 30 Tandem Platform Stake Truck
95 square inch of hauling capacity. Heavy steel trailer uncouple so truck can be used separately. All wheels on trailer are dual. White sidewall tires on truck and trailer.

No. 33 Hydraulic Hi-Way Truck
big hydraulic dump truck we steel braised dump box with drop-down sides into position tailgate. Signs included.

No. 37 Thunderbird Express
a gleaming white freighter with dual tandem trailer wheels. Rear doors swing open, On couples.

No. 39 Allied Moving Van
even the markings look authentic on this long and heavy Allied moving van. Large interior with full width doors

No. 36 Tandem Air Express
big cross-country hauler 360 in. of cargo area. Tandem unhooks easily so truck can be used alone. White sidewall tires

No. 40 Car Carrier
a perfect replica of a real car carrier three cars on top, room for two more inside. Automatic unloading device.

No. 42 Hydraulic Land Rover
an extra heavy-duty dump truck, with Land Rover tires they go through the toughest terrain. Sand, mud, rocky ground.
Note: this is a tough truck to find and I am interested in buying any number 42 hydraulic Land Rover.

No. 41 Boat Transport
big durable semi trailer transports for unbreakable polyethylene boats and two motors to nearest backyard lake.

No. 44 Dragline and Trailer
dragline that moves for ways is secured to trailer with chain on winch. Dragline on couples from trailer. Both heavy and durable.

No. 46 Suburban Pumper
it actually looks up to its own miniature hydrant which is included. Connects to in any standard garden hose. Fire hose winds up on reel.

Note: 1959 is the only year Tonka produced white colored fire trucks. These came in either the 1959 Tonka B-212 fire Department set, or the single sale number 46 Suburban Pumper.

No. 48 Hydraulic Aerial Ladder Truck
powerful hydraulic pistons arch the latter skyward, extended to full 36 inch height.
No. B-202 Stock Farm Set
realistic wood corral pens in for polystyrene farm animals. Back up the big stock rack truck to the loading chute guide livestock through the slide.

no. B-203 Sanitary Service Truck
place loading hopper at front, trip hydraulic lever and parallel bars raised the dump load inbox. Bed tips loadout through back. To refuse containers included.

no. B-204 Farm Set
contains no. 35 farm steak and horse trailer and no. 28 pick-up and stake trailer.

No. B-205 Dragline and Crane Set
set contains catalog no. 14 dragline which can be used with no. 06 dump truck, dragline can be removed to convert dragline to a loading Crane. By attaching the included hook to end of line, dragline can be used to load and unload number 07 logger truck.
No. B206 Trailer Sales Set
contains no. 06 sportsman, no. 02 pick-up truck, for trailers: AC 314 horse trailer AC 310 box trailer AC 312 stake trailer and AC 3110 trailer with boat and motor.

no. B-207 hi-way construction set
contains no. 06 scale model dump truck, no. 12 road grader with adjustable blade; no. 44 dragline that moves for ways; equipment trailer that moves dragline from job to job.
No. B206 Trailer Sales Set
contains no. 06 sportsman, no. 02 pick-up truck, for trailers: AC 314 horse trailer AC 310 box trailer AC 312 stake trailer and AC 3110 trailer with boat and motor.

no. B-207 hi-way construction set
contains no. 06 scale model dump truck, no. 12 road grader with adjustable blade; no. 44 dragline that moves for ways; equipment trailer that moves dragline from job to job.
no. B210 State Hi-Way Department
contains no. 06 scale model dump truck, no. 12 road grader with workable steering wheel, no. 33 hi-way hydraulic dump truck, no. 02 pick-up truck. All have simulated blue flasher light on Roof. And AC 320-6 6 road signs, and two road barriers.

no. B-212 Fire Department Set
contains: no. 46 Suburban Pumper, water fed from garden hose through hydrant. Also the ever popular no. 48 Hydraulic Aerial Ladder Truck with auxiliary ladders. Even and authentic fire chiefs that. Note: this is the only year the white fire trucks were produced.

no. AC 316 Corral and 4 Animals
six fence sections, each night in three-quarter inches long, corral 19 inches across when assembled.

No. AC 314 horse trailer and two horses
attaches to farm state truck, pickup truck or sportsman. 8 1/2 inches long, six in three-quarter inches high, 5 1/4 inches wide.

No. AC 320 Hi-Way Sign Set
six road signs, 40 half inches high, and two road barriers 4 1/2 by 6 inches high.

No. AC 311 boat Trailer
sturdy plastic boat has outboard motor on transom. 12 1/2  inches long, or4nches high, 4 1/4 inches wide.

no. AC 310 Box Trailer
attaches to pick up and farm state truck's.

No. AC 312 Stake Trailer
attaches to all pickup and farm stake trucks.

No. AC 308 Scale Model Cars
high impact plastic. Hardtop sedan and station wagon.

No. AC 318 Scraper Blade and Snowplow with Mounting Bracket
easily attached to all Tonka dump truck's. Scraper blade is 7 inches wide. Snowplow is 9 inches wide.


Wanted Tonka Trucks : I am currently looking for the following tonkas in the configurations noted these private label Tonka's are harder to come by as they were not included in catalog sets, if you have toys like this please let me know I would love to have the opportunity to buy them from you and add them to my website.

Marshall Field Metro Van

G. Fox and Company Private Label Semi

Red Owl Private Label Semi

1953 Green Giant Utility

Gambles Dept. Store Pickup

Republic Van Lines Private Label Semi

1955 Minute Maid Box Van

Gambles Dept. Store Private Label Semi

Robin Hood Flour Box Van

1956 Minute Maid Box Van

Green Giant Private Label Semi

Schenley Whiskey Box Van

1961 Green Giant Utility

Hardware Hank Stores Box Van

Standard Oil Tanker

Ace Hardware Private Label Semi

Holsum Bakery Metro Van

Standard Wrecker

Allied Van Lines Private Label Semi

Hormel Private Label Semi

Star Kist Box Van Cyanamid Pickup

American Breeders Supply Private Label Semi

Janney Semple Hill Private Label Semi

Star Kist Utility 

B.F. Goodrich Private Label Semi

Jewel Tea Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Metro Van

Bond Bread Metro Van

Kroehler Furniture Private Label Semi

Stix, Baer and Fuller Private Label Semi

Bruce Floor Wax Box Van

Kroger Food Stores Private Label Semi

Swanson Brothers Rikes Private Label Semi

Carnation Metro Van

Marshall Field Private Label Semi

Terminix Box Van

Coast to Coast Utility

Meier and Frank Private Label Semi

Terminix Pickup with Topper

Cross Country Freight Private Label Semi

Midwest Milk Metro Van

True Value Hardware Box Van

Doughboy Farm Stake

Minute Maid Private Label Semi

U.S. Air Force Private Label Semi

Eibert Coffee Metro Van

Morrell Meats Private Label Semi

United Van Lines Private Label Semi

Flavor Kist Private Label Semi

Our Own Hardware Private Label Semi

V-2000 Stores Private Label Semi

Frederick and Nelson Metro Van

Penneys Jeep Wrecker

Western Auto Pickup

Frederick and Nelson Private Label Semi

Railton Private Label Semi

Wheaton Van Lines Private Label Semi

G Fox and Company Metro Van

RCD Fast Freight Private Label Semi

Wilson Private Label Semi

Tonka Younkers Private Label Semi - Let me know if you come across this one! I would like to buy a good example of any of these Tonka Private Label Trucks but the Younkers is high on my list!

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