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Listing of Boxed Vintage Tonka Toy Truck Sets from 1953-1967
Tonka Toys Boxed Sets1956 Highway Construction Set Boxed
Here is a master page of all the Vintage Tonka Toy Truck sets created during from 1953 to 1967 these listings are taken directly out of the consumer catalogs or Tonka look books that were published during those years. I will soon be building pages that show the details of all of the Tonka look books produced during this time. click each one of the year headings to see a detailed page showing photos of each set available during that year. finding boxed sets today is a real treat, as most of the steps were taken apart in the boxes were thrown away and the toys went straight to the sandbox, driveway, gravel pit, and if lucky - just the front room carpet. I have listed some sets that were actually a vehicle with a trailer or multiple items included in the same box. It is difficult to find sets like the Highway Construction set shown here that includes all of the original components like this set with the signs, inserts, trucks and box in terrific condition, it is a real treat to see such a set after 50 years in this condition. As I find each od these sets I will be adding them to this site to share them with others. I hope you find this page useful and as always, if you have an idea that willmake this page more useful or have a set you would like to sell please let me know.
Boxed Tonka Sets 1953 Boxed Tonka Sets 1954  Boxed Tonka Sets 1955
Tonka did not show a  boxed sets of trucks in 1953, the 1953 look book shows there were only eight different trucks available that year.
675-4 Trailer fleet set
120-4 Tractor and carryall trailer with number 50-4 steam shovel set
775-4 Road builder set
0875-5 Builders supply fleet set
675-5    Trailer fleet set
775-5    Road builder set
825-5   Aerial sand loader set

Boxed Tonka Toys Sets 1956 Boxed Tonka Sets 1957  Boxed Tonka Sets 1958

0875-6 Builders supply fleet set
900-6 Fire department set
825-6 Aerial sand loader set
975-6 State highway department set
775-6 Road builder set
675-6 Trailer fleet set
120-6 Shovel and carryall

B-200 Trailer rentals set
900-6 Fire department set
B-210 Road builder set
B-208 State Hi-Way department set
B-202 Stock farm set
B-206 Trailer fleet set
B-204 Truck-trailer rental set
40 Shovel and carryall trailer set

B-204 Truck trailer rental set 1958
35 Farm stake with two horse trailer

34 Deluxe sportsman set
B-204 Truck trailer rental set
B-202 Stock farm set
B-209 Deluxe farm set
B-205 Farm set
B-207 State Hi-Way construction set
B-211 State Hi-Way department set
B-213 Fire department set

Boxed Tonka Sets 1959 Boxed Tonka Sets 1960  Boxed Tonka Sets 1961

36 Farm steak and horse trailer

30 Tandem platform stake
33 Hydraulic Hi-Way truck with signs
36 Tandem air express set
44 Dragline and trailer
B-202 Stock farm set
B-203 Sanitary service set
B-204 Farm set
B-205 Dragline and Crane
B-206 Trailer sales set
B-207 Hi-Way construction set
B-210 State Hi-Way department set
B-212 Fire department set
B-200 Stock farm set
B-201  Timber company set
B-204 Farm set
B-206 Trailer sales set
B-215  Bulk storage set
B-207  Hi-Way construction set
B-218  Paving department set
B-220 State Turnpike set
B-225 Fire department set
B-202 Country club service set
B204 Barn set
B206 Trailer sales set
B215 Bulk storage set
B216 Road builder set
B218 Paving department
B219 Construction set
Boxed Tonka Sets 1962 Boxed Tonka Sets 1963 Boxed Tonka Sets 1964
2100 Airport service set
2110  Marina set
2120 Farm set
2130 Super service set
2150 Road builder set
2190 Construction set
834  Grading service set
516   Jeep runabout with boat
420  Luggage service set
720   Terminal train
2100  Airport service set
2120  Farm set
2140  Outdoor living set
2160  Contractor set

2120  Farm set
2140 Outdoor living set
2170  Military set
Boxed Tonka Sets 1965 Boxed Tonka Sets 1966  Boxed Tonka Sets 1967

2140 Outdoor living set
2170  Military set
2175  Construction set

2142 Outdoor living set
2180 Road builder set
2175  Construction set
2175 Construction set
2180 Road builder set
1959 Tonka B-215 Bulk Storage Tanker Set 9

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